Providing Mediation Services to
Frederick and Anne Arundel Counties

WELCOME to my website. Separation and divorce and other family situations can be some of life’s most challenging, emotional and difficult experiences. Mediation offers an opportunity to effectively and humanely transition into the future. I hope you find this website helpful as an introduction into the process and the benefits of mediation.

What is Mediation? Mediation is a process that brings individuals together in a safe environment to have difficult conversations. Mediation is a neutral, confidential and voluntary process that gives all individuals involved the opportunity to develop their own solutions. Mediation is a facilitated conversation.

What is a Mediator? A mediator is a neutral facilitator who facilitates a conversation between participants. A mediator will encourage those involved in the process to discuss their issues or concerns in a safe neutral environment. The mediator will open up the lines of communication between all involved and will, if participants wish, help them reach an agreement that works for them.
Why use Mediation? Mediation is based upon the principle that individuals know what is best for themselves, their families, their neighborhoods, schools and workplaces. It allows participants in the process to come up with their own solutions. It gives participants an opportunity to make decisions for themselves.    
Co-mediation is offered as an option, if requested. Trainings, presentations, and workshops are also offered.

There is a sliding scale fee for participants in need.

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