Parent-Teen Mediation
    • Are you and your child stuck when it comes to resolving relationship issues?

    • Is your teen struggling to find an identity but exhibiting behavior that is affecting the entire family?
Kate will provide a confidential, non-judgmental setting in which parents and teens can tell their stories without fear of criticism and attempt to get to root of the concern and/or issue.
Participants will explore ways to problem-solve and develop a solution that will help avoid future disagreements, while honoring and respecting the values of the parents and the individuality of the teen.
Sibling Conflicts
Mediation can be helpful in resolving disputes between siblings, whether they are still living at home with the family or are now adults living away from the family home.  
Mediation can bring adult siblings together for conversations whether they live in the same area or not. Some participants can be in Kate’s office while others can be on the phone via a conference call or through other technologies offered via the computer.
Benefits of Parent-Teen, Sibling Mediation
    •  Neutral third-party gives all participants “breathing room” to air their concerns

    •  Mediator guides the “airing of concerns” to defuse emotions and focus on the concern or issue at hand, teaching the family members future problem-solving skills

    •  Family members walk away with an “action plan” or Memorandum of Understating (MOU) that all participants have developed together.


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