Strategic Planning / Public Policy Facilitation
Is your organization or community group thinking it is time for a Strategic Planning Process/Retreat? Is your group having difficulties that may benefit from a third-party, neutral facilitator? Is there a Public Policy action that needs attention?
Kate can help your organization or community group realize its goals and objectives with the use of facilitation. Facilitation is a collaborative and consensus-building process for small and large groups. A neutral, trained, third-party facilitator can help your organization stay focused on your goals by:
  • Meeting with members of the organization initially to formulate a facilitation plan based upon the organizational vision, mission, and goals;
  • Assisting in setting an agenda;
  • Following and adhering to the agenda’s time schedule;
  • Keeping the discussion flowing productively and focused on the agenda items;
  • Bring diverging interests and positions to a place of respect and collaboration; and,
  • Making sure all decisions are recorded accurately

Kate has helped organizations and community groups move forward and accomplish their goals through productive planning sessions by utilizing her mediation and facilitation skill sets.


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