Family Mediation Services
My job is to make sure everyone leaves the table feeling like they’ve made their own decisions based upon their needs. — Kate Cullen
Family issues commonly escalate to the point where an outside facilitator—a mediator—is the most sensible and cost-effective solution.

A mediator helps family members put all their issues for discussion on the table and helps guide the family discussions to make sure everyone is heard and has a say in tbe decision making.
Through her skills and training, Kate can facilitated the conversation towards a resolution though:
    •    Listening of everyone side’s story
    •    Acknowlegding everyone's feeling and thoughts
    •    Identifying issues and topic areas to be discussed
    •    Guiding discussion around potential solutions to each issue/topic
    •    Recording agreed upon solutions in a written document called a Memorandum of Understanding


Mediation Services of Frederick Phone: (301) 606-4578