Estate Mediation
This type of mediation can occur before or after the death of a loved one.
There are times when an individual knows they are dying and may wish to bring the family together to discuss how they want things to happen when they are gone. They want to make their wishes known in hopes of avoiding conflict between family members after they have died.
Once a loved one passes away, the loss can cause emotions to run high. Even if the deceased family member settled things before they died, families can still experience conflicts over the family business, personal belongings or the loss of the loved one.
Mediation is an alternative to trust disputes and costly litigation that can result when family members decide to contest a will or other directives the deceased person may have left behind.
As a mediator, Kate can help your family sort out complex issues and emotions. She will make sure that emotional issues are acknowledged in a supportive environment. She recognizes the difficulties of these situations and can help your family members come to a beneficial resolution. She’ll help you develop creative ideas to resolve issues that may be unique to your family circumstances in ways that are not possible in a court setting.


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