Here's what people are saying:

"We used Kate for our mutual consent divorce and things went so smoothly including the new court process.  She walked us through the both the mediation process and the court process.  Kate met with our teens and helped them understand mediation; then met with all 5 of us in a session. She also provided us with some resources in Frederick that we did not know about to help with our teens. We have referred 3 other families to Kate for mediation and help with communicating with family."  RCJ  2019


 "Kate was warmly received by the participants in Interfaith Housing Alliance's Mothers and Daughters: Growing Together to Build a Strong Future series. Engaging the mothers and daughters on pertinent issues with candor and humor, Kate delivered helpful communication basics and strategies.  The evaluation administered to studetns after the class reflected Kate's effectiveness as a teacher.  The participants not only remembered tips Kate gave them, but some detailed changes they planned to make.  Kate gave the women and their daughters a vision of the level of communication that is possible.  I am grateful for the powerful investment Kate made in them and look forward to hearing about the good fruit that it produces!"  Beth Farlow, IHA Program Director 2015

  "Kate walked us through every step of the mediation process and much more. She diffused uncomfortable situations and made it as easy as possible.  She definitely helped us keep the focus on our child."  Marie,  2013

"My husband and I were referred to Kate when we were separated in 2007. We have a young daughter and it was a mandatory requirement in order to file for divorce in MD. To make a long story short, what we learned with Kate and her associates saved our family. We (truly) learned more in mediation than we ever did in marriage counseling over 7 years time! She taught us HOW to communicate effectively and really listen and work together - because even though we were separated for 6 months, we still had to DO those things to support our daughter through the whole event. We have been back together and have moved cross country (one of those goals we talked about!) for 4 years now. We still struggle occasionally but know that we are "in it" for the long haul. We could not have done it without Kate's help!! "   Tracy (1/24/2012)

 "Kate Cullen as a long time mediator and mediation trainer continues to give valuable insights into what it takes as a mediation practitioner to meet and overcome disputing participants’ seemingly intractable conflicts. Her mediation skills greatly assist persons to face their challenges and reasonably and fairly resolve them in a way that meets their deeply felt needs and interests. Kate’s ability to listen, her kind demeanor and her quick wit all coalesce to make her one of the best practicing mediators and trainers around. As a co-mediator with Kate on several occasions, I have seen Kate exercise her superb professional skill in helping persons in conflict achieve a level of communication they might not have experienced before. This has helped disputing participants most often achieve what they see as successful and satisfactory conflict resolution. As a mediator trained in family mediation by Kate, I have been fortunate to receive the benefit of her expertise in conveying the nuances involved in mediation practice that has helped me tremendously."
—Edward G. Ketchen, Esq.

"I have experienced Kate’s mediation skills a number of times over the years. I find her expertise to be top notch. She has a natural skill for mediation and is very expert at what she does. She is extremely knowledgeable, able to execute that knowledge, is very thorough and methodical in her practice. I highly recommend her."
—Grace, Realtor

"In the decade that Kate Cullen has been a central force at CALM Mediation Center, I have had many positive, and even life changing experiences facilitated by this lovely and forceful individual. Taking the 50-hour mediation course with her and her cohorts gave me a gift of inestimable proportions—both professionally and personally. She has helped me with a temporarily thorny family matter, she has successfully intervened to solve some difficult organizational difficulties, and, currently, she is working with me and others on a program to help professional planners be better communicators. Kate is brilliant and compassionate friend, teacher, organizer, facilitator, and mediator."
—Alan Feinberg

"Kate is a sensitive and experienced mediator. I have co-mediated with her several times and have found her use of reflective listening skills and clarifying questions highly constructive in guiding participants to explore and identify their perceptions and feelings underlying primary issues of the conflict/difference, as well as helping them clarify terms of common agreement. As Kate has reviewed all agreements for CALM for several years she is highly experienced in agreement writing. I would highly recommend Kate as a mediator."
—Lydia Espinosa Crafton, MA

"Kate's training practices continually focus on the perspectives of the participants; ensuring that their needs are met and their concerns heard. And isn't that what it's all about?"

"Kate is a talented mediator who has a passion for conflict resolution. She puts her heart and soul into every case and works overtime to help participants find a solution that works for them and for the future. If I ever needed mediation, Kate would be the person I would call upon for help."

"Kate Cullen is an outstanding professional. Her keen insights and observations together with a wonderful sense of humor helped me to truly understand the “art and practice” of mediation. After having taken her training course and co-mediating with her I would recommend her highly as a professional mediator, trainer, and group facilitator."
—Michael P. Cohen, Ph.D.

"Thanks for all your help with everything, Kate. You have done an excellent job, and made this a much more bearable process than I could ever have imagined." 
—Ken M.

"Kate made formulating our MOU very easy. The knowledge she shared allowed us to come to agreements quickly and amicably. I am so pleased with the ease and outcome of our mediation process." 
"Kate did an excellent job of helping us separate and in preparing us for the next step which will be to file our MOU for the divorce in a few months." 
—Krista and Greg


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